Bare Bulb Coffee is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Why? The answer is simple. We organized our business to allow us to do good things in the world. We use 100% of the money beyond our expenses to fund community service and mission projects. For example, each month we sponsor:

  • Backpack Buddies – a program that feeds 65 elementary school children and their families.
  • Little Lights – a literacy program that provides books to children in a local daycare center.
  • A Community Garden – that provides food and education for children who live in poverty.
  • Workshops – we bring in speakers and teachers to help people learn more about parenting, responsible money management, creative writing, prayer and meditation, managing anxiety, and wellness.
  • Art Classes – so that people of all ages can explore their creativity.
  • Open Mic Nights – to encourage a new generation of musicians and performers.
  • Neon Lights – a community service group for middle and high school students.

Each time you buy a cup at Bare Bulb Coffee, you are doing a little bit to make the world a better, richer, kinder place and we are grateful for your help. But all of these things don’t happen just through cups of coffee. The light we shed in the world is powered by committed volunteers and generous donors. Your gift of any amount helps to power our mission. Thanks for your support.