Our Story


A community of Christians in Middle Georgia.

Jesus told his followers that He was the Light of the World, and He called his followers to be the Light of the World. Those two sayings order the aims and the purpose of our community of believers. First and foremost, we seek the Light. We strive to know and to follow Jesus. Second, we do our best to shed a little light, by serving others, being good neighbors, and simply trying to be decent and compassionate human beings.

The Light isn’t like any church you’ve ever known. We welcome the questions and explorations of people who are just curious about Jesus or who are new to the idea of religious faith and spirituality. We offer encouragement to believers from any Christian tradition or denomination. We offer ourselves in service to all members of our community. In other words, we do our best to shed a little light by staying focused on the simple and joyful core of the Christian faith: Jesus, service to others, and hospitality to all God’s people.